The clients having been served are R&D institutes, universities, companies, small to medium-size enterprises, large and important enterprises, and government organizations throughout China, and some companies come from British, Singapore, Hungary, Japan, United States, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, France, Korea and etc.. These projects are involved in gathering, analyzing and synthesizing the information about technology, economics, trade and market, legislation and patent legal status and infringement analysis of patent, all of which are concerned with specialized industry or product, and most of which are put into intelligence.

What Consulting Group, ISTIS has done depends on client need, ISTISí»s resources and abilities. Generally, clients are offered with flexible and tailored consulting services, that is, with client-oriented services depending on their special need, purpose and usage.

Many foreign clients appreciate our studies, one said: "I think this report is the best quality information one could have gained of this specialized field, composed of these small factories or organizations, and other said: It is an excellent report that meets and even exceeded our expectation. I doubt that we will have any major questions. ......"


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