Consulting Group,ISTIS, is a substantial department in ISTIS. There are 60 researchers in the Group, all of whom are professionally and technically qualified, and have skills in chemistry & chemical engineering, biochemistry, machinery, electric & electronics, communication, apparatus & instruments, automation, textile, physics, patent & information technology and etc.. They have many years, even over twenty years, of experience on information research and consulting services in the areas of science, technology, policy, legislation and economics for our clients with special expertise of collecting, analyzing and synthesizing the information and data in the ethics and without infringing the benefits of others. Consulting Group, ISTIS, also works with hundreds of individual associates in many fields.


Consulting Group,ISTIS, is a significant department in Institute of Scientific & Technical Information of Shanghai (ISTIS) which is the most important information center in Shanghai and at east China area. ISTIS was founded in 1958 and since October 1995 has merged with Shanghai Library.

Now there are 900 staffs. It has more than 40 million copies of documents including books, magazines, newspapers, patents, government reports, standards and specifications, and etc. published domestic and overseas, of which near 80% are related to science, technology, industries, market and economics. There are also some very useful data in databases and CD-ROMs. At the end of 1996, ISTIS moved to a large new modernized buildings with area of 83,000 square meters and equipped with advanced communication network and automated delivery system. The new buildings is just located opposite to the old buildings across Huai Hai Road (Middle). Such changes in organization, literature & documents, and buildings make ISTIS to become an unique information services in China.

The main service functions are: (1) public library; (2) information processing; (3) information research & consulting and etc.

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