Institute of Scientific & Technical Information of Shanghai (ISTIS)

Founded in 1960, Translation Services ISTIS provides a personal, professional translation and interpreting service to organizations of all sizes throughout the world, We are firmly committed to the development of long term global partnerships and fitting working practices to individual client needs. During past years, millions of document pages, most in areas of science, technology, commerce and industries, have been translated for our customers with excellent quality.

Using the latest computer and communications software and hardware, our highly specialized translators can complete every job accurately, on time and to budget.

With a complete range of language services and in-depth technical expertise, Translation Services ISTIS will eliminate all the barriers to effective communication with your target audience and become an integral part of your export strategy.

Translation Services ISTIS provides a value for money solution to all your translation requirements.

Translation Services ISTIS is committed to achieving the highest standards for all translating and interpreting projects. Each stage of the translation process is controlled and monitored seriously by our specialists.

Our translators are sophisticated at language process with a specialist understanding of particular industrial sectors and a cultural knowledge of the business practices in the countries involved. This helps to ensure that the quality and form of every completed project matched customer requirements.

Quality assurance contributes directly to our success and we have adopted best practice policies as used by efficient companies.


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